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Discover all the new music releases from artists in our area on a single showcase playlist on Spotify.

As a promoter and local musician with almost ten years’ experience promoting and running grass root gigs and festivals regionally, I felt like I had a great starting point in gathering all this music into one space. With a little help from others and some searching online, the playlist was soon brimming with local music.

I chose to gather the music together on Spotify so you can sign up totally free of charge, but the artists get paid when you listen to their music. Albeit it is not the most grandouis amounts of money (Less than one pence a stream) seeing that money go back into grassroot musicians is something that could greatly help songwriters. On average a person will spend around eighteen hours a week listening to music, that is over three hundred tracks. Incorporating even just a small amount of time a week to grass roots music in your area will help create an environment people want to release more music into. You never know, if you really like it you might just end up at a local festival watching these artists perform your favourite tracks.

Bands: the playlist will be updated with new music daily, and if you’re not featured in our playlist but think you should be, please do get in touch via email to

Very big thank you to Henry Carden and Tobis Halford for their helpful additions.

Article by Simon Shaw
The Tees Music Editor