Engineering Together (EngTog) is a Tees-based volunteer group that wishes to inspire the next generation of engineers.

This unique group has pushed the boundaries of engineering collaboration more than any other and to our knowledge is another world first based by the Tees.

EngTog is passionate about inspiring the next generation through the education of everyone. Although the global pandemic has prevented many of the planned events from going ahead this year, the group has not stopped in its objective to inspire a future diverse and enthusiastic workforce who will make the difference around the Tees and beyond.

The forward-looking group have invested time on their webpages to offer inspiration to everyone. So, whether the kids are bored, you are interested in career information or you wish to upskill yourself, see Again, we believe this collection is another first which acts as a one stop shop for all things engineering.

Our top picks include Fun at Home where everyone can find something to do with household items to educate and entertain. You can also have a chance to win limited edition EngTog prizes and Amazon vouchers for involvement during 2020.
The group will be sharing exciting things to do with The Tees Online as plans develop. So, watch this space and the EngTog website for more Tees firsts in engineering to enthuse and inspire. Remember, without it we would have nowhere to live, no transport, no food or water and nothing would ever get improved, built or maintained, so engineering is embedded in everyone’s life every day.

Together, we can all contribute to positive change in the world starting with the brilliant people who live and work around the Tees. Engineering Together is proud of being Tees-based engineering first and look forward to sharing things to do together in the future.

Almost two hundred years ago, the people of the Tees were at the forefront of great engineering with the Stockton to Darlington Railway, the first passenger railway in the world. Today, whilst being proud of this rich history, one group of engineers in the Tees area prefers to look forward to the future of engineering.

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Article by Paula McMahon

Main photo of Newport Bridge by Ian Robinson