Steve Spithray reviews the brand new single from Hartlepool’s Mt. Mistery

If you aren’t already aware of Mt. Misery’s easy-going and oddly melancholy take on west coast pop, firstly why not, but secondly latest single I Was Wrong is as good a place to start as any.

While 2019’s Lonely Pines put them firmly on the local music map, the Hartlepool four-piece cemented that early promise with a string of further releases including The Dreaming Days Are Over and Tell Me What’s On Your Mind, while their lovely, gently lilting live sets are often embellished with the odd Brian Eno cover and onstage topiary with the band in matching dungarees set to turn up everywhere from Twisterella to Deer Shed Festival in 2021.

Released on Friday 14th August, I Was Wrong takes the previous blueprint but extends it with an increasingly effortless quality to singer Andrew Smith’s songwriting that defies his young years. Blending crisp summery guitars and shimmering keys with a sublime James Taylor-esque vocal (“You know me better than I know myself, and it breaks my heart to see you loving someone else…”) I Was Wrong is a righteous riposte to the rollercoaster of young love while the track also features guest backing vocals from another of the region’s rising stars, Jodie Nicholson.

With a canny knack for catching a melody in the breeze and subtle musical twists where you least expect them, there should be plenty more music to look forward to from Mt. Misery in the coming months, as well as a long-awaited album in the pipeline.

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Article by Steve Spithray
Freelance Writer