“The kindness of people wanting to gift each other has been amazing.”

Teesside has some amazing independent businesses, and Claire from Saltburn, managing director of Petite Prosecco Company, wants more people to discover what awesome independent businesses there are on offer in the Teesside area.
Chloe Tempestoso caught up with Claire in the middle of the lockdown to find out more about the Petite Prosecco Company.

What’s the story behind your business?
Prosecco has always been a huge passion of mine as anyone who knows me well will tell you. Everyone always dreams of being their own boss and having the perfect job. So I was fed up with the daily grind of the 9-5 and always longing to find that dream job… a different path to take… and the opportunity suddenly appeared! I couldn’t believe it. The timing was perfect and I just knew I had found my calling and furthermore that dream job I had always longed for.
Things escalated quickly and before I knew it I was quitting my job working in a local boutique hotel and plans were fast being put into action. It’s a lot of hard work getting started with lots of licenses and legal hoops to juggle but it all came together with the help of my amazing family and I’m so lucky I now get to be my own boss doing what I absolutely love.

How has Covid affected your business?
Luckily throughout the pandemic the Petite Prosecco Company has grown from strength to strength. With the lockdown on the whole world and most industries we thought like most we would suffer the effects and thought our mobile bar business was doomed. But we couldn’t have been more wrong.
We thought outside the box and introduced a delivery service of various treat packages which were gifted out all across Teesside from loved ones to front line NHS workers.
We were blown away at the response and popularity. The kindness of people wanting to gift each other was amazing and word of mouth soon spread from town to town and we found ourselves delivering across the Tees area, so this kept us busy throughout the many weeks where we were unable to be out with our bar.

How are you aiming to bounce back after the effects of Covid?
We have been very lucky since the lockdown has eased. We had no idea how we would bounce back from the effects and it was a very worrying time. But we are happy to say that we find ourselves busier than ever with enquiries and bookings.
People want to celebrate on missed occasions and families are reuniting once again, and with staying in being the new going out, the demand for our mobile bar has been phenomenal.
We of course had several wedding bookings postponed too, which was devastating, but we’re happy to say we have since managed to work with our brides in every way we can to ensure that we can still play a part in their big day. We like many are just taking this new normal from week to week and are forever grateful to our lovely followers for supporting us with the continued bookings and lovely feedback and recommendations.

What products do you offer to your customers?
Obviously being a mobile prosecco bar it’s pretty self-explanatory what we have to offer… but we do also serve up alongside our finest fresh crisp chilled prosecco, a range of Italian beers on tap. We have a selection of artisan gins and a variety of prosecco cocktails and soft drinks on request.
We provide a unique, classy and professional service and we are available for hire whatever your occasion, including birthday parties, family BBQs, corporate events, baby showers, hen parties, house warmings… the list is endless. It’s particularly popular because it is so unique in size that you get to have your own private bar in the comfort of your own home! How’s that for a wow factor? We also come highly commended within the wedding industry, adding that special touch for your reception drinks and making us a perfect addition on your big day.

Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

Find the Petite Prosecco Company online at http://www.thepetiteproseccocompany.co.uk/ and on Facebook at https://en-gb.facebook.com/petiteproseccocompany/