“A photograph of Senior Imam Muhammed Ikhlaq Mubarak of Jamia Masjid Al Madina Mosque in Middlesbrough taken by a Teesside photographer has been selected as one of the winners of The Portrait of Britain awards.”

Jason’s photo was selected from thousands of entries as one of 100 winners in the Portrait of Britain 2020 awards by the British Journal of photography.

The photo of Senior Imam Muhammed will be displayed on JCDecaux’s screens at train stations, shopping centres and high streets across the country throughout September. The competition celebrates modern faces of Britain during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Jason mentioned that the lockdown gave him an opportunity to concentrate on new projects. One of these projects centered around photographing key workers in Teesside during the lockdown. Senior Imam Muhammed was one of few portraits that Jason submitted to The Portrait of Britain awards.

Mr Hynes says, “He was stood so quietly, so majestically almost, so calm in this room of so much colour and so much vibrancy and so much going on in the hall.

“It kind of summed up the outside world. At the time, it was lockdown when I was photographing it. There was no one on the streets. It was totally quiet. And he kind of represented that in a sense, in a person form.”

Jason on photographing Senior Imam Muhammed.

The photo will also feature in the third volume of the Portrait of Britain book series by Hoxton Mini press, available from October 1st.

Jason has now started a long-term personal project to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Middlesbrough in 2030. He hopes to take 200 portraits of people who view Middlesbrough as their hometown. He is thinking about creating a book featuring the photos as well as some interesting memories, such as handwritten notes with his subjects’ feelings about the town.

Jason on the Hometown project.

Visit Jason’s website here for more information about the Hometown project.

Main image: Senior Imam Muhammed Ikhlaq Mubarak of Jamia Masjid Al Madina Mosque in Middlesbrough / Jason Hynes Photography.


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