“We noticed a need for a design-led concept to make the working from home process easier. For me, environment is key to your mental health and wellbeing…”

Lockdown created huge challenges for business owners this year. During a time when many of us were feeling unmotivated, frustrated and financially fragile, there was a rise in the entrepreneurial spirit of the people in Teesside who chose to see this challenge as an opportunity to prosper.

While some of us were at home baking banana bread, completing Netflix or enjoying our daily walks, others were busy getting their creative juices flowing and starting their own businesses.

We think The Tees is the perfect place to champion these new businesses and help to give them the exposure they deserve.

First up, we have Lauren Ridley who created her new interior design brand, Studio Alma, after quickly realising the purpose of the home was about to change in 2020. As lockdown commenced and working from home took on a whole new meaning, Lauren decided to launch a brand designed to meet the needs of people wanting professional interior design services at honest and affordable prices.

Lauren Ridley, graduate, BA Interior Design, MA Future Design, UG, PG

Speaking with Lauren, she explains the thought process behind her new business venture. “I have always had a passion for interior design,” she says, “and have always wanted to find a way of delivering it to clients’ homes in a friendly, approachable and collaborative manner – words which I don’t believe are currently associated with interior designers.”

It was an epiphany at the start of lockdown that led her to launch Studio Alma, and a realisation that she had a service which could really help people during this time.

She adds, “Our ‘At Home With Studio Alma’ concept is a solution we have created as we noticed a need for a design-led concept to make the working from home process easier. For me, environment is key to your mental health and wellbeing, and it affects your energy levels too. So if the space around you isn’t evoking positive feelings, it’s likely your work will suffer too. I want to make creating a beautiful space at home accessible to everyone, and my budget friendly concept is being launched to do just that.”

Speaking of the positive and negative aspects of launching a business during lockdown, Lauren explained how the positives far outweighed the negatives as Covid-19 changed her way of thinking. It allowed her to approach the creation of her business in a completely different way to how she had ever thought to do so before, which she believes is the reason we’ve seen many other businesses launching through lockdown too. It’s having the foresight to be able to see how the world is evolving in this unprecedented time, and how you can adapt your services to the changing needs of the world.

Lauren will be launching her Studio Alma website over the next couple of weeks. One thing which is important to her and her work is complete transparency with clients. This means you’ll be able to find her price list for the ‘At Home With Studio Alma’ pricing online, and her full range of interior design services will be priced per project. If you’d like any information sooner, you can reach Lauren on the details below:

Email: hello@studioalma.co.uk
Social Media: @studioalmainteriors
Mobile: 07703787752

We hope our ‘businesses born in lockdown’ feature is helping showcase how positivity and creativity during times of crisis can lead to amazing results. As difficult a year as 2020 has been, there have been some exciting and life changing businesses launched. Did you know some of the most successful companies in the world were born in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis? Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest and Whatsapp, for example, each changing the way we travel, live and communicate with each other.

If you know of any other businesses born in lockdown, we’d love to hear about them. Get in touch with us on the details below:

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