“If it fits into the machine, we can do it.”

We all know we need to shop local and make the best use of what we have but that also goes for engineering and equipment that we use for pretty much everything.  One local company, Jon Nesbit Engineering (www.jonnesbittengineering.co.uk), has a can-do attitude and a reputation to ‘have a go at anything’.

The company was established in 1994 by Jon who had a desire to work for himself. He secured a unit at Liverton Mines via a neighbour who had used it to store a tractor.  With a single machine Jon started work machining components for the local foundry and the business started to grow. When the foundry moved to County Durham, Jon continued supplying them with an all-round service.  The foundry, together with many of those early customers, are still one of the company’s loyal customers 26 years down the line.

Jon and Denise were planning to celebrate in their new unit on their 26th company birthday.  Plans were afoot for catering by the award-winning Willow Cakes of Loftus. They hoped to show off their bigger better unit at Liverton Mines with space to expand on the five machines they currently have where they can offer turning, milling, horizontal boring, tool and gauge making facilities. However due to current restrictions and concerns about wellbeing, they have decided to postpone the physical event.  They still have a cake to celebrate which they will share with their customers.

This postponement was put into perspective by Denise, the Company Secretary and Business Development Manager, who simply states that the burden and stress to manage one day was simply not worth it, the priority being people’s safety. Denise comments, “We will be here next year, we will have the buffet then!”  This pragmatic view is shared by Jon to solve problems that others shy away from and has helped create a varied and longstanding customer base. 

This local company has clients countrywide and he can manufacture anything from a solid piece of metal. Jon says, “If it fits into the machine, we can do it.” This has led to a variety of products he has machined which have led to savings in cost, time and new machinery.  This type of engineering is far more sustainable than simply buying new every time something needs repairing. 

Components machined by Jon Nesbit Engineering feature on various modes of transport including trains, underground and freight.  Over the years they have been involved with the white goods industry, machining and modifying parts and providing other services to improve factory productivity and the lifespan of the products themselves.

The accuracy of Jon Nesbit Engineering’s work is being utilised nationally, developing test pieces for various laboratories. This precise work helps ensure that test data is accurate and consistent. More recent work has included working with new materials to help with recycling plastics and helping gather scientific data.

Closer to home they have made complex machines from scratch. One customer was failing to source components for a bracelet making machine. A replica machine was created by machining each individual component. This ensured the customer then had two machines, allowing constant production of a popular piece of jewellery. 

The company have also machined components and moulds for the hand press pie machines for local butchers, including Pie Jackers. Pie Jackers have said this work has taken their production ‘to the next level’. 

Jon has a reputation for putting himself in the customer’s shoes – he is after all a businessman. Whatever the problem Jon, a born engineer, will see if he can fix it first before designing and machining. All works aim to work around shutdowns minimising disruption to clients works.

Maintenance engineering is often cheaper than replacing and it uses less resources. Local companies like Jon Nesbit Engineering can repair or machine parts that are no longer available. 

Let’s utilise the wealth of engineering talent we have in The Tees and shop local.