Today the Tees Online is launching ‘Kids Eat Free in the Tees’

We are encouraging restaurants across the Tees to offer free meals for children.

The scheme comes on the back of Marcus Rashford’s free holiday lunches campaign that was brought to an end by the government this week, causing much sadness and anger.

In light of this, we are asking restaurants to offer a free meal to a child, regardless of whether any other meal is ordered.

A number of restaurants are already offering similar schemes individually, and through the Tees online, we hope to see this go Tees wide.

A directory is already being collated of restaurants who are joining the scheme and will be published to our website on Monday.

If you are a business interested in supporting this initiative, please fill in your details on this form so we can add you to our directory of Tees businesses helping to fight child hunger during the school holidays

The Tees is one of the most generous places on earth and our community spirit is second to none, this is why we know we can do this.

For more about child poverty and why we need to help children in the Tees – Read our reporter Chloe’s take on things here