My name is Faye Anderson and I’m a professional dancer and choreographer, I’ve been lucky enough to perform and work all over the world in my 16year career. Our industry has suffered hugely during the last months and I created this to depict the struggle to “breathe” (dance) and how magical and special it feels when we can dance freely in space with others around you. You all probably know that feeling when you remove the face mask and breathe deep!?

That’s dance to us. We’ve trained hard for years and the arts need to stay. Full stop.

I was struck by the amount of talented, strong & dedicated dancers we have from my home the Teesside area. Yet many who’s jobs were canceled due to the pandemic.  I felt sadness, for them and our industry, but also a huge feeling of hope and pride seeing the insanely high standards and love of dance that would blow me away even from lockdown in small rooms through a zoom screen!!

I decided I must find a way to bring this talent together, showcase the beautiful scenery of our area and also give a outlet to express some deep emotions I’m sure are within all dancers/choreographers at the moment who are not able to perform as usual. and that’s why I decided to do this dance video. Giving us all something to look forward to, and to remember this difficult time and remembering how our love of dance brought us together to help each other through it.

Northerners are nothing if not determined and that shows in the talent and beauty of these performers.
I grew up in redcar and couldn’t think of a better place to BREATHE deep some fresh air than Redcar beach! I miss it greatly now I’m living in Germany and was awful not being able to visit this year as often as usual. I don’t think I really appreciated the truly stunning scenery until I moved away and came back to visit , and I wanted to also showcase that landscape to those watching.

On the day we filmed there was a actual tornado just up the beach from us!!so the weather was somewhat difficult! But everyone pulled together and got the job done quickly, and no one even complained about the rain! and I even think the stormy weather adds to the drama of the video!

We had 20 local dancers from 7 different local dance schools, Reece Woodier was my choreography assistant and Rob Irish from Darlington was the Videographer.

Choreography and concept by Faye Anderson and Husband Alec Agalarov.