A brutally honest new performance which explores stories of love through dance and storytelling is coming to Teesside this November.

Love_Dances is a dance piece that has given a platform to six performers from disparate, marginalised communities who unite to tell their own Love Stories.

Adam Russell Dance has created a new immersive piece of contemporary dance during the Covid-19 pandemic which will host its performance premiere at Base Camp, Middlesbrough. The piece will take place on Saturday 14th November, priced on a Pay-What-You-Decide basis.

North-East based choreographer Adam Russell has worked with five other dancers from under-represented communities to develop the piece that will eventually tour to outdoor festivals and events once Covid-19 restrictions lift.

The new piece perfectly captures the beautiful and at times heart-wrenching journeys involved in finding, experiencing and keeping love as a member of a community that exists in the margins. Adam has worked with artists of colour, trans artists, disabled artists and LGBTQIA+ artists to develop a socially-distanced performance that explores their experiences of Love in all its forms.

The performance will last around sixty minutes, with members of the audience sitting in Base Camp Middlesbrough’s Covid-secure warehouse, which has taken on a new life since COVID19 took hold. It will be the first contemporary dance performance to be held in Base Camp.

The piece has been made across Teesside, with thanks to funding from Arts Council England and has involved working in Hartlepool and Middlesbrough over the past two months.

As well as a live performance, short sections of the work will also be filmed as part of Wintertide Festival’s digital trail that will take place in mid-November.

Love_Dances is Adam’s latest piece, after touring his work ‘Fairground Reminiscence’.

Adam explains, “Love_Dances is an exploration into the difficulties of finding love as a member of a community that experiences consistent oppression, both explicit and implied. Working with dancers from other communities across the country has allowed us to find commonality among our unique stories.

“The work has allowed us to share aspects from our lives that haven’t been written about in Hollywood or on Netflix and has allowed us to find universal stories, which feels incredibly important following the difficult year.”

Carmel Ramsay, of Base Camp Middlesbrough, says, “We’re dead excited to be bringing an alternative, edgy performance to Base Camp and we can’t wait to experience the immersive piece in our venue. We’re looking forward to welcoming more dance, theatre and performance that pushes the boundaries of what ‘art’ can and should be over the next few years after successful funding from Arts Council England’s Emergency Fund.

“Despite restrictions, it’s incredibly important that we support new work, so that artists in the Tees Valley can continue to flourish.”

The performances will take place on Saturday 14th November 2020 and will be subject to the usual Covid-19 guidelines. Tickets are available at www.adamrusselldance.com and are priced on a Pay-What-You-Decide basis.


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