“It’s at times like this we’re even more proud of our community.”

The Tea House Middlesbrough is well known in our area for their amazing selection of loose leaf tea and freshly baked sweet treats. Whilst it has no doubt been a challenging year already for the local eatery, the owners, Simin & Haydeh, were dealt another brutal blow last week when their beloved shop based on Grange Road was broken into.

The Tea House announced on social media they would be closing for the time being due to the cruel set back which saw the thieves take almost all of their stock and machines. However, a small light at the end of the tunnel saw a member of the local community set up a go fund me page to help support The Tea House through this tough time and give them a helping hand to ensure they could open their doors again to their beloved customers sooner rather than later.

The go fund me page was set up by Jodie Simmons from Middlesbrough, who explains on the page, “The Tea House Middlesbrough has recently been broken into and a lot of important stuff has been taken (including coffee machine, panini maker, Dyson hoover, shark mop and all their PPE) resulting in them having to close for a while. 

“This is terrible when it happens to any business, but for it to happen to an independent business during a pandemic is just awful! Especially when the Tea House is a little safe haven for a lot of people. The ladies work so hard and do not deserve this. 

“I’ve created this go fund me to help support them, show them that they are NOT alone and no one wants to see their amazing Tea House close for good. Although they may have insurance for the stolen items they are losing money EVERYDAY they’re closed. This Go Fund me will help them get back on their feet. 

“We know it’s a tough time for everyone right now, but if we can all do a little to help support them I know they will be more than grateful.”

The page has already reached £1,080 towards the £1,500 target, and is still growing. Here at The Tees, we think it’s wonderful to see an example of such kindness and community spirit to support local people and a local business. We exist to support and champion the amazing people and places in Teesside, and it’s at times like this we’re even more proud of our community.

We spoke with the owners of The Tea House who say, “The pressure we have been under this year due to Covid-19 has been really difficult, not only for us, but for all small independent businesses. Now to have to go through this horrible experience of having so much stolen from us was just awful.

“When we saw the go fund me page had been set up to support our Tea House we were overwhelmed. It proved to us that although there are a few awful people in the world, there are very many nice and kind people who have quickly restored our faith in humanity. Just knowing so many of our customers and members of the general public wanted us to open up again gave us the energy to do so and that’s the reason we’re here.

“We are so grateful to all of the people who have donated to our page, and we want to say thank you for all of the love and support we have received.”

If you would like to check out the go fund me page and look at how you may be able to support the ladies to get their business back on its feet, you can find all information on the link below: