Okay, let’s face it, 2021 has started with less of a positive vibe than we had hoped. You, like many, are likely to be feeling rather ‘meh’. If you are struggling to maintain your mojo, I don’t blame you.

As an Engineer I have many times faced seemingly impossible problems on large and complicated projects. Here is my pragmatic approach for those who need a gentle push in the right direction to maintain or regain their mojo.

Let go – Whether you like it or not, there is more outside of your control than within it, doesn’t matter whether it is project change, unexpected bad news or a third lockdown. Aim to let go of the things you can’t control and accept things as they are. Endlessly wondering ‘what if’ will get you nowhere.

Take a moment – Take a breather, gather your thoughts. Do something relaxing or enjoyable; watch trashy TV, have a bath, go for a walk, connect with someone or whatever works for you.

Define your goal – What do you want? Outline this in a few words; make it short and make it simple. Ideally make it something happy to give you back your mojo at super speed. However, it can also be something productive, new, or have a feel-good factor like volunteering, or it can simply be that ‘getting through this’ could be all you need to concentrate on.

Confirm your goal – Make sure it is achievable and within reach, although pushing yourself a little in a positive way is okay. It could of course be an interim goal with bigger plans making your mojo even more fabulous later. Remember this is not a punishment, it’s whatever you need to get you back on your normal track or enable you to upgrade a little. Only you can decide.

Break it down – You could be facing something that initially seems big, significant and scary. So, do what we do for major projects; break it down into bite size chunks. If you can’t see the whole, then just concentrate on the first one or two small achievable steps.

The first step – Every journey starts with one single step. Remember if you are going in the right direction, it doesn’t matter how small each step is.

Keep going – A few more steps and you will start to see progress. If you run out of steps, congratulate yourself on your progress and plan more steps.

Check your direction – If it feels like you are not on the right path, retake a moment again, check your goal and chose small steps in a more suitable direction.

Take time out – Don’t forget to maintain balance and take time out. Aim to be grateful for what you have and take time to enjoy the small things in life.

Enjoy the journey – For those who see improvements and are regaining or maintaining their mojo, great. Maybe now try and enjoy the journey if you can, see it as an experience, not a chore.

Best of luck and I hope you can regain your mojo to get through this storm.

More advice on mental health and well-bring is available on The Tees Online. See our many current and older items at https://thetees.online/find-help.

For those who think this seems out of reach then do not forget there is help out there. Please refer to one of our very many wonderful organisations who are there to listen.


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