If you’re a true Teessider and haven’t heard of Fresh! The Meal Prep Co, you’ve been missing out. They are a Middlesbrough based meal prep company who’s aim is to deliver customers the easiest and quickest solutions to real nutrition.

They provide tasty and nutritious meals, all calorie & macro calibrated to keep customers on track towards their health & wellness goals. With menu options such as skinny parmo & sweet potato fries, rump steak & peppercorn sauce, & BBQ pulled pork pasta as weekly meal options, it’s easy to see why this local company is going from strength to strength.

Recently, they announced an exciting new addition to their business offering in a bid to do their bit to help us all live in a cleaner & greener world; fully recyclable packaging!

We chatted with Fresh! Owner, Matt Jordinson, to ask him about his award-winning meal prep business & why going green is so important to him.

Matt, for anyone who doesn’t already know about Fresh! The Meal Prep Co, can you tell us about your business and how you started?

I noticed a few meal prep companies further North taking off, so I thought It would be a great idea to bring something similar to Teesside. At the time, meal prep companies only served up chicken, broccoli & rice, the really bland and boring type of prep that people don’t look forward to eating, so I thought I would create something different and go against the grain, and that’s when Fresh! was born. We launched 4 years ago with a gourmet style take on meal prep. Meals such as lasagne, thai curries, cottage pies really bringing the flavour to peoples plates. We’ve grown & grown since then have recently surpassed our capacity of 250 orders per week, we now have 350 spaces for orders per week and the plans are in place to upgrade & extend Fresh! HQ even further, so watch this space.

Tell us why you decided to take the step to ‘go green’ with Fresh!

We simply want to help make our planet a better one, so now all of our packaging is fully recyclable! We are always re-investing back into the business to keep our product developing and looking for ways to help our customers live their best lives! At the beginning of the year, after months of working in the background, fresh officially went ‘green’. We sourced packaging to help reduce the current climate change and our plastics consumption to help pave the path for a cleaner & greener planet. It’s something we have always wanted to do but thought now was the time to take some action.

Im a big fan of Elon Musks work for the environment and his vision to clean up the planet. I thought there must be something we can do to play our part, so i made a few contacts abroad to produce some samples which would allow us to trial the new packaging out with our customers in the first instance and get their feedback.

What was the feedback like from your customers?

Customers were delighted! I think everyone gets a bit of satisfaction from knowing they are making a difference so all round our customers were happy to feel apart of the greener movement

Why is ‘going green’ important to you & your business?

We won meal prep business of the North 2020, which is fantastic and something I’m very proud of. I wanted us to lead by example with the hope that other meal prep companies would follow suit and together do our bit for the environment.

What are your future plans for this launch?

We actually had a bit of a set back recently due to EU & COVID issues causing shipping delays so we are looking into new packaging here in the North with new suppliers so we can keep a consistent supply and essentially support local. We’ll be back up & running with our fully recyclable packaging by mid February.

What are your future plans for Fresh! The Meal Prep Co?

We have so many exciting plans I can’t wait to get started on! We have 5 year expansion plans in place and our current kitchen Is getting extended as we speak, so we can increase our volume and cater for more customers. We don’t want to take over the world, we just want to ensure customers get the best possible service from us and we aim to keep the business local and help more people within the North East, which is really important to us.

Where can people find more info?

People can find us online at www.freshmealprepco.co.uk or on our social media feeds.

Facebook @freshthemealprepco
Instagram @freshthemealprepco