Have you ever thought about writing a story? Or perhaps you have written a book and would like help with your next project? Whether you are dabbling with fiction for the first time or you are a seasoned author, Teesside Writers Group welcomes you.

What is Teesside Writers Group (TWG)?

Teesside Writers Group is a friendly writing group for all abilities. It is a place to share your writing with like-minded people, where members give and receive helpful feedback on their work. Due to Covid-19, TWG is exclusively an online group until further notice.

What type of writing is accepted?

You can submit any type of writing of any genre to Teesside Writers Group. Perhaps you are working on a novel and would like to submit a chapter or two each month. Instead, you may be working on a play, short story, autobiography, poem, character profile or even a plan of a potential story. However, please note that your work will not be accepted for group discussion if it is plagiarised or grossly offensive.

How do I participate?

Members submit their writing to teessidewritersgroup@gmail.com every first Sunday of the Month by 6pm – ‘submission day’. The maximum word count is 4,000 words and members should number the paragraphs and pages, as this helps during the online discussion. Each member then has two weeks to review their allocated submissions (no more than four submissions). The group meets on Zoom at 6pm every third Sunday of the month to discuss the submissions – ‘discussion day’. After the Zoom meeting, members are encouraged to send any annotated documents to the original writer for their reference. 

How should I critique?

The most useful way to critique submissions is to use the track changes and comments functions on MS Word, amending the original document itself. As mentioned above, it is helpful if members can send the annotated writing back to the original writer. This is so they can refer to comments and it helps improve their project. However, if you do not know how to use track changes/comments on Word, it is fine to give feedback verbally in the meeting. You can also take a picture of any handwritten notes (but make sure they are legible!).

What type of commitment is involved?

In order to receive up to four constructive critiques for your work, TWG asks that you provide four constructive critiques. You will never read more than 16,000 words (four submissions) during the two weeks between submission day and discussion day.

Do I have to attend every month?

No, you can pick and choose when you would like to submit. There is no pressure to submit every month. If there is an occasion where you submit but cannot attend the meeting, you can give and receive e-feedback (feedback via e-mail).

Can I join if I cannot use Zoom or do not want to be on camera?

TWG prefers members to participate in the Zoom meeting, but e-feedback is permitted.

Does it cost anything?

No. TWG is completely free.

Need more information?

Contact: teessidewritersgroup@gmail.com or like on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TeessideWritersGroup