Middlesbrough-based Sisi, 16,  normally spends her time doing schoolwork, going to church and being with her friends. However, this past month, she has quite literally been on cloud nine since releasing her R&B, feel good song ‘cloud 9.’

The young singer-songwriter released her song on Streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple music last December. She then went on to release the music Video on YouTube on January 28th. Much to her surprise, Sisi quickly gained many views, with the song achieving 10k views within the first month.

“The song is really just about having fun, living my life and not worrying about the minor things.” – Sisi

Cloud 9’s success has been a huge surprise to Sisi, who told The Tees that she was only expecting “200 views from family and friends.”

Yet cloud 9 went beyond her expectations as more people started listening to her song, which was even played on BBC Radio Tees. Sisi’s friend Tanya told us that she was “so proud of Sisi and all her hard work she put into the song and the overall outcome was amazing. I love the vibe of the song and I just can’t stop singing it.”

Another friend, Manuela said: “Honestly cloud 9 is so good! I have it on repeat 24/7 and can’t wait to see what more is coming!”

“Her voice resonates in my head, such good talent for a 16-year-old girl” – Naiomi

“I’m so proud of my best friend and the release of her debut single Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is such an amazing song, and I am very happy for her. She is going to be a star, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in stock for her. Make sure to go and listen to cloud 9 on Spotify and YouTube.” – Alicia

Sisi is massively inspired by artists such as Beyonce,  Jasmine Sullivan, and Mahalia. She is undeniably a naturally talented songwriter, and at just 15-years-old, she was able to write Cloud 9 quite quickly as it was something that just came to her.

Once she’s invested into writing a song, she likes to get it done. Recording the actual song took longer as she had to do a lot of takes in order to make it the best she could possibly make it.

The most challenging part of the process for Sisi was bringing out the song as she described it as having “a vulnerability to it.” Opening herself up to people and bringing it out knowing once it’s out there was no going back was the biggest challenge. But it was worth it, as once it had been brought out, the support and love from her family and friends was obvious.

Sisi explained that releasing her first music video and single at the age of 16 is her biggest achievement, and all the support she has received has been a blessing.

Music is something that Sisi wants to continue with throughout her life as having a career within music would be a dream come true. She told us that she hopes to learn how to play the piano in the future and would like to further develop her musical ability. She revealed to us that her plans for 2021 include way more music and even some collaborations. 

We cannot wait to hear what Sisi brings out next, and we are excited to hear her her future releases. 

You can listen to Sisi’s debut single, Cloud 9, here.

Edited by Sunita Ghosh Dastidar.

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