Redcar Bears superfan Claire James told us a few weeks ago here how much she was missing the roar of the engines and the whiff of methanol after a year without speedway. Now the fixtures have been released and she can hardly contain herself…

So we have a date! We have a fixture list! I have had my first vaccine!
Come on Boris give Redcar Bears the Go! Go! Go!

When the fixtures first came out we were all set for an away trip to reigning champions Leicester on May 1 and we all got excited – but that was a false start.

The lockdown means it has been pushed back a bit but after waiting a year we can handle a few weeks more.

The Bears start away to Edinburgh on 28th May. And the first home game is the reverse against Edinburgh two days later. It can’t come quickly enough!

And I will now be fully vaccinated by the start of our season! I had my first dose of the vaccine this week and after a few side effects, I’m good and due my 2nd dose on 10th May.

And with two months still to go that’s a lot more people who will have had theirs’ too so hopefully that means speedway crowds will be safe and healthy and everyone will be free to attend.

And the team is almost there. We still need one rider to complete our team but that can be sorted quickly. Everything is falling into place. You can feel the tingle of excitement now.

I’m ready. The Bears are ready. Speedway fans everywhere are ready. We are all revved up and ready to go.

So come on Boris will let us start. Don’t postpone us yet again.

Here’s the Bears fixtures for the new season.. start planning.


28 – Edinburgh (Away)
30 – Edinburgh (Home)


2 – Birmingham (Away) – KOC 1st Leg
4 – Birmingham (Home) – KOC 2nd Leg
11 – Glasgow (Away)
12 – Berwick (Away)
13 – Glasgow (Home)
18 – Reserved
19 – Leicester (Away)
25 – Kent (Home)


2 – Eastbourne (Home)
7 – Birmingham (Away)
9 – Birmingham (Home)
23 – Newcastle (Home)
25 – Newcastle (Away)
30 – Reserved


3 – Kent (Away)
6 – Berwick (Home)
10 – Plymouth (Away)
11 – Poole (Away)
13 – Scunthorpe (Away)
15 – Plymouth (Home)
20 – Poole (Home)
21 – Eastbourne (Away)
27 – Scunthorpe (Home)


3 – Reserved
10 – Leicester (Home)
17 – Reserved
24 – Reserved


1 – Reserved

*Reserved dates are to accommodate postponements due to weather, cup commitments or fixture clashes.