Cher’s outlook on life is infectiously positive and her strength as a Mum is outstanding, if you can keep up with her!

As an end-of-life care NHS nurse working full time throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Cher, who is originally from Hartlepool, has had her hands full to say the least! Her personal downtime outside of working, has been filled with writing several children’s books and three adult fiction books, self-publishing three in just one month, and after turning fifty last year there is no stopping her, with two more novels coming out soon.

Her first children’s book Eldon the Owl launched on the popular website Mumsnet in December, swiftly followed by Harry Hotdog. Inspired by her children and grandchildren, Cher has written stories which have helped her ever-growing family understand that anything is possible if you just dream it.

Her family had a chaotic start fostering three children, a boy and two girls, and Harry Hotdog was written to help her fostered son connect with her husband through bedtime stories, where he was getting bullied at school. Her son found it easier to talk to her husband through the book and get a better understanding of things that were troubling him.

Eldon the Owl was first thought about when one of her twin granddaughters was born prematurely and with special needs. Cher wanted her to feel that no matter what her disabilities were, she could achieve anything she wanted, she just had to dream about it, and it would happen. It also helps that both girls were learning to grow up at a different pace, and the books showed them that there was nothing wrong with that, helping them understand that they are very special and with an addition of a their severely disabled daughter, Shelby, they could all connect through reading the Eldon the Owl books in this special way.

Her first adult novel, GREEN BOTTLES, is written with humour, affection and sensitivity, leaving the reader to contemplate some of life’s most formidable and thought-provoking experiences. The story has some dark twists and turns, with frustrations with social services, that leaves her defending her family as her sole purpose in life, making intuitive decisions that would change their lives forever, whilst still working as a full time-nurse.

Her follow up novel to this, is MINT. The book touches on the serious side of suicide, but also shows you the funny side that can come from talking to someone who is completely outside of the situation that brought you to contemplate such an act. Touching on sensitive subjects like IVF and mental health, this new novel out soon, will make you laugh out loud and cry at the same time. Cher has drawn on real-life gritty experiences from friends who experienced the sadness of suicide and the ups and downs of IVF.

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