Paula McMahon, pictured in a selfie with her young self, knows how quickly time passes by… so, she says, we need to act now to avert the Climate Crisis.

Paula is not only one of our writers at The Tees Online but also an advocate of education and sustainability. As an educator she has seen an increasing amount of climate anxiety in school age children and the public.

Paula believes too little is being done by too few despite increasing awareness of the Climate Crisis.  So she decided to set up Primary Voices to provide simple easy to use information which impresses the need for urgent action whilst providing solutions.

Primary Voices uses plain language to provide key facts and more importantly demonstrates how everyone is part of the solution. The education materials are aimed to initiate discussions in homes and schools in the hope that more start on their own climate action journey.

Each short YouTube clip is accompanied by a worksheet, subtitles and slides. Educators (parents, teachers, ambassadors, anyone) can use this in whatever way they wish, although they are asked to follow the simple guidance in the training provided.

Templates are available for positive message spreading which maybe in homes, schools or via the various social media platforms.

Will you join Paula to facilitate meaningful change? Here are some ways you can support this:

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Whatever you do always remember to be kind and follow the rules. You are encouraged to watch the guidance prior to encourage the use of Primary Voices for young people and students in SHOUT (

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