Thirteen is supporting a national fire safety campaign and demonstrating its commitment to the safety of its customers.

Run by the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), Fire Door Safety Week (20th – 26th September) highlights the importance of fire doors, the role they play in protecting people and good fire safety practice.

Thirteen’s building safety team regularly carry out a range of fire safety checks and work with customers to help them understand what to do in the event of a fire and how to keep themselves safe in their home.

Within the team there’s many years of experience and expertise, including two fire risk specialists, who have both served 30 years with the local fire brigade. This complements the team’s technical knowledge, working together to help keep communities and buildings safe.

Working as part of the team, joinery specialists began carrying out additional checks last year, to over 6,000 flat doors and communal fire doors ahead of the Government’s upcoming Fire Safety Bill. Within just a few months the team completed around 500 checks and carried out any actions.

Thirteen’s building safety manager John Waines says, “The safety of our customers is a priority and we’ve continued to invest in fire safety measures to enhance those already in place and give customers peace of mind. Education is very important when it comes to fire safety.

“Fire doors are designed to slow the spread of fire and smoke from one room to the next for between 30 and 60 minutes. This protects lives.

“Customers living in a flat must always think about the impact a fire could have on others living in the same building.

“Fire safety is a serious issue. An accidental fire can have devastating consequences.

“That’s why we have fire doors. People should not make adjustments to the door closer which affects the integrity of the door in the event of a fire.

“We have different solutions available. So those adjustments should always be left to us, and we’ll make sure they are done safely to meet the fire safety regulations.

“We’re frequently raising awareness of fire safety with our customers and how steps can be taken to prevent accidental fires in the home.

“We want our customers to stay safe in their homes. When it comes to fire safety, we all have a part to play.”