Movember is the month we used to know as November and it’s become strongly associated with many of our brave and unselfish men all around the world who grow and shape their moustaches to raise awareness associated with Men’s Health.

Movember raises awareness specifically of mental health, testicular cancer, prostate cancer and importantly suicide prevention, all issues that really need to be addressed.

Movember has such an imperative meaning including purpose in supporting men to live a full and happier life for a sustainable and long duration.

When I ask myself what is Movember all about, my initial thought is directed to men growing moustaches for two reasons, one as I’ve already stated, raising awareness, two, to get men to open up and talk to each other, to be a catalyst for conversations supporting many relevant men’s health issues. Poor mental health can predominantly affect more men than women, as 84 men a week are dying from suicide.

So what is it we can do as men to improve our health, making it an imperative priority? There are a variety of things we can do to improve this such as good sleep hygiene and eating a healthy diet, and exercise to implement positive emotions and to give us distraction from any negatives we harbour. Importantly, talking about our struggles, our barriers and comparing our experiences can alleviate such anxieties and stresses.

A vital must for us men is to visit a GP and get screen tested for high blood pressure and cholesterol with other examinations that may show certain types of cancers.

You can be your own intervention and use preventative measures such as reducing or avoiding alcohol, reducing stress levels and enabling your work life and personal life balances to promote a better quality of life.

Remember action is in your “HANDS”… please check your testicles. An early diagnosis will allow you to have treatment.

And this Movember, as a society or a community, we can all contribute in fundraising to support such an amazing cause.

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