Helen Hardy Art is a home-based business designing and creating handmade textile art and illustrations.

“I love free motion embroidery,” Helen says, “which is best described as drawing with a sewing machine. I also have a passion for pen drawings and architectural art.”

Helen’s artwork can be found across the North East in galleries, shops and at events.

“My work is all based around the free motion embroidery technique, wool and fabrics,” she explains. “Each piece is one off and original so I never tire of creating. I have loved making a large woodland piece recently and broadening my print range of artwork.”

This Christmas Helen has a few pieces that are proving most popular: a highland cow original, a sheep original and a small robin piece.

She has found the past year to be filled with challenges and joy in equal measure.

“Covid changed the number of events and look of an event,” she says. “But equally it has given me time, so I could be creative and trial and play with the stitchwork. The joy has been actually seeing people in person and being able to discuss my work and encourage others to become more creative with textiles.

“I hope 2022 will bring some stability to retail and art events, so we all can be seen and showcase our artwork. The Tees area brings such an array and diverse range of small businesses, creativity, talent and landscape, that it is a constant inspiration and joy to be amongst it all.”

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