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is a place to champion everything that is great about the Tees area… our place, our people.


Find, add and discover Tees producers here, and let’s support local.


The people in our region are brilliant at pulling together in a crisis. If you need help, if you want to offer help, The Tees is here to bring people together and make a real difference.


Giving a platform for the causes and issues that affect local people, sharing ideas and mobilising people to make our area the best it can be.


Music, books, art, performance… celebrating the best of our cultural, arts and creative sector.

Covid-19 hit our region hard in 2020 and as we bounce back, we all want to support our local area the best way we can – by championing everything Tees.

We live in an area that has a unique culture, a unique accent, a unique creativity and a unique charisma all of its own, and we are proud of it. So let’s support it. Let’s support our local bands, our local filmmakers, our local authors and poets, our local fruit and veg shops, restaurants, bars and businesses, our charities and our people.

The Tees Online is a citizen platform for sharing information, stories, networks and community. It is also a campaigning platform to connect people to projects and to needs. After months of a lockdown that has changed the world in which we live, on a global scale, let’s offer the hope of a better world to our neighbours, colleagues, friends and families.

Pioneered by a group of passionate people who love living and working here in Teesside, The Tees Online is inviting everyone in this area to take part and build something special.



Interested in VOLUNTEERING to help us grow and develop The Tees Online? We need writers, graphic designers, filmographers, admin support, social media gurus, podcasters… drop us an email if you’d like to find out more.

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