Mark Robinson


Mark Robinson is a poet, writer and cultural worker living in the parish of Preston-on-Tees in Stockton, which is odd as he grew up in Preston, Lancashire. He moved to Teesside in 1993 to be Literature Development Worker for Cleveland Arts. He went onto become Director, then worked for Northern Arts and Arts Council England. He founded and ran Scratch magazine 1989-98 and was one of the co-founders of Mudfog Press. Since 2010 he has run Thinking Practice, working across the cultural sector internationally.


Rigmarole (Hybrid 1990)
The Domesticity Remix (Scratch 1992)
The Horse Burning Park (Stride, 1994)
Gaps Between Hills, with Andy Croft and Dermot Blackburn (Scratch, 1996)
A Hole Like That: 13 Cleveland Poets (ed) (Scratch, 1996)
Half A Mind (Flambard, 1998)
Words Out Loud (ed) (Stride 2002)
A Balkan Exchange, 8 Bulgarian and British Poets, ed W.N. Herbert (Arc Publications, 2008)
How I Learned To Sing: New & Selected Poems (Smokestack, 2013)
The Infinite Town: poem on plinth, Stockton High Street, 2016