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by | Aug 31, 2020 | Books, Culture, Disability

“We might think differently, and we have barriers that we have to overcome, but we have feelings just like other people.”

Ever wondered what it’s like to live with autism? My World In My Words, a new book written by Bobby Latheron, 25 from Middlesbrough, aims to help people understand what autism is and what day to day life is like for people with autism.

Bobby was diagnosed with autism at the age of 13 while he was in Year 7 at school. He decided to write a book about his experiences after hearing cruel comments made about him and his peers when on holiday one year.

“I want to raise awareness of what it’s like to live with autism,” he explains. “I feel that people need to understand the daily struggles of living with autism. We might think differently, and we have barriers that we have to overcome, but we have feelings just like other people.”

He found writing the book difficult at the beginning and worked hard to figure out how he needed to put it all together for readers to understand.

He adds, “The staff at ESPA [Education and Services for People with Autism] College actively encouraged me to keep going and get my story out there. I find I struggle with Maths and English but it’s more the personal aspect of my life, such as relationships that I find difficult.”

Bobby uses creativity to express and process his feelings. “I have always loved music, especially singing,” he says. “I find singers like Adele inspire me to write music about my life and the experiences I have been through. I find singing, listening and writing music helps me cope and understand how I feel.”

Currently in the process of writing another book, Bobby is also looking for opportunities to raise awareness of autism and mental health further. He adds, “I think anyone diagnosed with autism should be treated and given the same opportunities as anyone else.”

Bobby’s book was published in September 2019 by New Generation Publishing.

Buy My World In My Words by Bobby Latheron at Waterstones in Middlesbrough and The Guisborough Bookshop.

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