The Return of Darlington’s Markets

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Business, Community, Support Local

“For many, there has also been a nostalgic boost as the market has now moved from High Row to Market Square, as it was some time ago.”

Darlington has a long history as a market town and many people were saddened by the loss of them during lockdown. The streets just didn’t quite look the same without the mix of stalls that had become a staple of the town. It was just one of the many things that people missed this year!

Luckily, those that have missed them don’t have to wait any longer. Earlier this month, the council announced the return of the outdoor market. It is now being held on a Monday, Friday and Saturday morning, with many excited to support their local traders again. For many, there has also been a nostalgic boost as the market has now moved from High Row to Market Square, as it was some time ago. You can now pick up fresh flowers, fruit and veg (amongst other things) outside the Dolphin Centre. While some people would prefer the market to return to its pre-lockdown location, I certainly loved seeing it back in town and will forever be grateful for the bargains that can be picked up there. 750g of tomatoes for 50p? What a deal!

That’s not where the excitement stops either. Last summer, I absolutely fell in love with the Pease Pudding Market. Hosted on a Thursday evening, it was full of fresh street food, pop up bars and live music. It was the highlight of my summer and my friends and I were there most times, trying our way through the different cuisines and enjoying the atmosphere.

As such, I was beyond excited to discover that the Pease Pudding Market was returning. Having run on the 6th and 20th August so far, it looks like this might be a semi-regular feature in the town. From 4pm until 9pm on selected Thursdays, the market square is home to different street food and live music again. I popped along recently and was pleasantly surprised. Although understandably a little smaller than it used to be, it definitely has the same quality and atmosphere that I used to love. This time, I even managed to try Armenian food for the first time; I was definitely impressed.

I hope this is a sign that the Market Square is filling back up and it’ll become a thriving place for local foodies all over again. I’ll certainly be back again!

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